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Embroidered Saree have been in Indian culture and traditions since a very long time period. The Embroidered saree has a wide range and category depending on how the embroidery is done on the sarees and with what tools and material are used. An embroidered saree can have embroidery in Zari, resham, Chicken Embroidery and material embroidered sarees in stones and beads to name a few.

The fabric used in Embroidered saree can be cotton, silk, georgette, crepe, net, chanderi, brocade and even various fusion fabcrics like cotton silk etc. Embroidered Saree can also be divided interms of tools used for example machine embroidery, Computer machine embroidert, Hand embroidery etc. Hand embroidered Saree be further divided in many categories but to name a famous few hand embroidery we will say:

  1. Aari Hand Embroidered Saree : This type of hand embroidery has been there since the 12th century during the mughal empire. The hand embroidered saree is made using a thread and needle. The Needle used in such embroidery has a hook in the end through which hand artisian stitch the embroidered material. This type of hand embroidered saree takes a long time to make but the plus point is that u cannot see the stitched ends of the mbroidery as it comes under the saree fabric giving a neat front look.

  2. Sequins Work Hand Embroidered Saree This type of hand Embroidered saree is made by using a normal needle with which the sequin is stitched to the fabric of this hand embroidered saree.

  3. Zardosi Hand Embroidered saree Zardosi is again one of the oldest for of embroidery known to us. In this type of Hand embroidery hand artists use very thin golden colour wire which is stitched to the saree fabric using needle. The stitching of these golden metal wires is done in many designs like floral, abstract etc.

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