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Printed Saree are normally worn in day to day wear. These printed saree are available in various designs like Floral print saree, Abstract print saree, Polka print saree, Tye and dye print saree, Animal print saree and the ist goes on endlessly. The fabric used is cotton saree, silk saree, chiffon saree, georgette saree and other fabrics including fusion fabrics wich have a mix of 2 fabrics in various percentage.


The printing done on the printed saree can be done by both hand and machine. In hand printing we have various methods like tye and dye prints, Screen printing etc. Although hand printing is a very slow method compared to machine designs but is still preferred when making in smaller quanitities. Lot of Indian states have their own designs of prints that are followed when making printed saree depending on their culture and traditions and folk culture.Printed saree of Fashion designer like satya paul have changed the look and pricing of prnted sarees. So printed saree has a huge market and followers and is here to stay indefinitely.

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