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A saree is a women apparel in the Indian region. A saree is a strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles. A saree is one of the most worn and famous women clothing  in India. The Saree is normally of 6 meters although its length can vary as per the designer. The Saree is draped around the waist with one end of the saree going over the shoulders and the other around the waist. The Saree is worn along with a petticoat and a blouse. The petticoat becomes the inner below the waist area while the Blouse covers the top body area and the saree is draped over it.

The saree comes in various types depending on the state in India as different states have different prints of saree, different material of saree and different embroidery on the saree. The way a saree is worn also depends on the various states as some saree are worn with a straight pallu while some wear the saree with ulta pallu.

 The Saree has a very ancient history in the Indian subcontinent although the modern trends and styles have changed with many new designs, styles and fusion fabric coming in the market. 

Saree can be divided in many sections as per fabric, styling and embroidery. For example saree can be divided s fabric in categories like: 1. Cotton saree 2. Georgette Saree 3. Crepe Saree  4. Chiffon Saree  5. Net Saree 6. Brasso Saree 7. Chanderi Saree 8. Silk Saree. The saree can be further divided into various categories like 1. Designer Saree 2. Printed Saree 3. Embroidered Saree  4. Traditional Saree . The saree can be further divided like in Printed Saree we have Tye and dye saree also famous in Rajasthan, Block print Saree etc. 

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