Bomkai silk saree
Bomkai silk saree

What is Bomukei Silk Saree

It is a well-known fact that Bomkai Silk saree was Dated back 14 century AD during the ruling of king Ramai dev founder of Chauhan dynasty. Origin of bomkai silk saree is the state of Odisha. The name Bomkai is coming from village Bomukei which is in Ganjaram district. Bhulia weaver community of subarnpur region is involved in the manufacturing of this saree. In older times this saree was handcrafted over handloom.

This saree is available in two types of variant, Silk and cotton. For both kinds, bomkai feel very soft and made from eye-catching colours some of the design used in saree taken from udayagiri and khandagiri caves.

Today Bomkai saree available in a variety of colours, Colours like red, white and black are used most prominently in traditional designs. The process of making Bomkai start with dying treads in a different colour. Weaving them in using Jala(meaning: net) technique. The pattern in this saree is only limited to the imagination of weaver. Though several traditional motifs used in bomkai like fish, pestle (rukha), Dumroo (hour-glass shaped), kanthi Phool (small flowers), karela (bitter gourd), Mayur (Peacock), kamal (Lotus flower), Laxmi Paduka( Goddess Laxmi feet) and Gajraj (elephant).

It is believed that border having the design of fish is seen as a sign of success and affluence.

Famous handloom saree of Oshisha

In recent times weaver experimenting with design adding more embroidery and stone works which give a fabulous look to a woman wearing saree without leaving the traditional context. The ikat technique used in weaving saree, which is only Practice in India, Indonesia and Japan. Working with ikat is a very lengthy and challenging process. Experience bhulia weaver can lay a very intrinsic design of motifs on saree.

The border and the pallu is eyecatching part of this saree. Mostly tri colour combination used to design this.border is decorated with triangular spike-like design with a thick gold or silver strip. Pallu, which is the most vivid part of this saree motifs like Peacock, flower and diamond shape is used to decorate pallu.

Mostly cotton bomkai is used in daily wear, and silk saree is often used in festival season, ceremonies like a wedding. It is believed that border having the design of fish is seen as a sign of success and affluence.

Bomkai silk saree Price

Original Bomakai silk saree price as low as 5000 Rs to 20000 Rs depending upon the complexity of the design. On online shopping platforms price of bomkai silk saree may vary , it is marketed as bomkai saree or by the name of sonepuri silk saree. However, Sonepuri silk saree is different from bomkai sareee.

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