Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh
Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh

The root

The root of cultural heritage, woven at the country’s heart, famous for its fineness and delicacy, an abundance of floral prints and designs, is the famous Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh. The Chanderi saree is one of the sparkling gems of India’s clothing industry and is anything but a miracle that it holds an uncommon spot in our souls like no other.


Well-known Chanderi saree name after the town Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh.  Chanderi is principally a weaver’s town, situated close to the stream Betwa in the Guna region of Madhya Pradesh. Around 60% of the population of Chanderi locals are associated with the manufacturing of Chanderi saree. It is making the largest manufacturer Chanderi saree.

The fabric has always had the country’s ruling class’s patronage because of its unique sheer texture and intricate embroidery with gold and silver. The knowledge of weaving Chanderi saree has been pass down in families for ages. This made a long genealogy of talented and experienced weavers whose specialty can’t be supplanted by power loom renditions.


Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh often Alluded to as ‘woven air’ on account of its sheer surface of the texture. Chanderi sarees are distinguished by their lightweight and lustrous surface that is not quite the same compared to the other mass-produced sarees.

The yarn used to weave Chanderi texture doesn’t experience the de-gumming cycle to forestall breakage during weaving, giving the texture its one of a kind sparkle and surface. The other fascinating factor is the utilization of themes, such as heavenly figures, peacocks, mathematical shapes, imaginative interweaving lines, lotuses, coins, and creatures.


Some of Chanderi sarees made in white cotton intensely worked in gold. A wide striped gold weaved saree, a checkered weaved saree, a white silver Chanderi, a gold little checkered silk Chanderi saree, and a gold checkered Chanderi saree. Are some weaving style among many. Today, the three most famous textures used to weave a Chanderi saree are pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and silk cotton. Chanderi sarees are known for their utilization of delicate pastel shades. Today dynamic mix of red and dark color, turquoise, naval force blue, fuchsia and white can be found.

Real or Fake

Identifying a real Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh isn’t a piece of cake, you should always be considerate about few things while choosing a perfect one for you, The buttis are only handwoven on the handloom and covered with gold, silver, or copper dust. Authentic Chanderi sarees will consistently be accessible in delicate tones. Also, reflexive surface and sparkle set a unique Chanderi saree separated from the phony ones. Handwoven Chanderi will invariably have an uneven surface.

Chanderi saree could be worn in several styles. A saree is suitable for every event or function, regardless of whether it’s used for day to day, office wear, weddings, birthday celebration, or even a dinner date.

Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh is secure under the Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, and they can’t be duplicated due to their selective plan and the uncommon silk yarn that goes into their creation.


An authentic hand-spun Chanderi costs around 5000 INR, and there is no looking back to it. Although Chanderi scarves, dupattas, and stoles price is  INR 1500, the price range varies depending upon the handwork’s over it.

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